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Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
(closed statutory holidays)

All contact numbers can be found here

2019 taxes are due on
Monday, September 30th.

How can I pay my taxes?
  • Cheque, Interac, cash, or TIPPS.  We also have a night deposit box located outside the Administration doors on the right.

What if I am late?
  • Penalties of 1.25% will be added on the first day of every month that you are in arrears until paid in full

What if I do not receive my tax statement?
  • Tax statements are mailed out in June of each year.  Please notify the Administration office if you have not received a tax statement bill as you are still responsible for paying your taxes.

Can I appeal my tax statement/assessment?
  • No, however you can appeal the assessed value of your property through the Board of Revision held every fall.

The Board of Revision for 2020 will be held on October 10, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. in the municipal Council Chambers. Application forms are available at the municipal office or on- line CLICK HERE.

How are my taxes calculated?
Taxes are calculated by multiplying the mill rate and your portioned assessment see the formula below.

Your Portioned assessment / 1000 x mill rate = tax amount

Tax certificates may be requested at our Administration office for $35, or by mailing us a request with a cheque for $35.

What is T.I.P.P.S.?
Tax Installment Payment Plan Service is a payment plan which allows tax payers to make twelve monthly payments for taxes

Who can go on T.I.P.P.S.?
If your tax account is current, and
If you have banking privileges at a financial institution, and
If your name is on the property title

How can I apply?
Complete the application form and return to the Administration Office with a "void" cheque

How can I contact Manitoba Assessment?
Call Selkirk Assessment Branch at 1-866-262-9786
Or visit the Manitoba Assessment Website -

How can I pay online?
A customer can set up bill payments through one of the following institutions:
Each bank has two separate accounts one for TAXES and one for UTILITIES
To find the appropriate payee, please contact your bank.
  • CIBC
  • RBC


What is the utility bill schedule?

JAN 1 - MAR 31 (Billed Apr 15, DUE May 15)
APRIL 1 - JUNE 30 (Billed Jul 15, DUE Aug 15)
JULY 1 - SEPT 31 (Billed Oct 15, DUE Nov 15)
OOCT 1 - DEC 31 (Billed Jan 15, DUE Feb 15)

What if I am late?
Penalties of 1.25% will be added on the first day of every month that you are in arrears.

What happens, if I don't pay my utility bill?
All outstanding utility balances are transferred to the tax account as at December 31st of each year.

I am moving. What do I do?
Water - on the very last day that you are in the house, write down the read from your meter and call it in to the administration office at 669-8198, along with the forwarding address for a final bill.
Sewer - contact the administration office and provide your forwarding address for a final bill.


Why do I need a dog license?
The municipality has a dog control by-law regarding regulation requirements and restraining of dogs including and imposing licenses & fines. As a requirement of the by-law, all dogs within the municipality must be licensed. No owner shall keep more than two dogs at the same time unless the owner has been authorized and licensed by Council to operate a Dog Kennel. The licensing year is from January to December.

What do I need to receive a dog license?
All dogs require a valid rabies vaccination certificate from a qualified veterinarian. All female spayed or male neutered dogs require a certificate.

How much does it cost?
For every dog ,
1. Any breed not neutered or spayed $10.00
2. Any breed neutered or spayed $ 5.00
3. Dog Kennel $50.00

What happens if my dog runs away?
Contact the Administration Office at 668-8112 and they can advise you whether your dog has been impounded by the number on the dog license. The Administration Office will endeavour to locate the owners of dogs immediately after impoundment.

Why do I need a lottery license?
The municipality has the authority to license charitable organizations and religious organizations located within East ST. Paul to conduct and manage a raffle lottery where the total prizes do not exceed $3,000.00. For any raffle lottery where the total prizes exceed $3,000.00, application must be made to:
Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba
800 - 215 Garry Street
Winnipeg, MB R3C 3P3
Phone: 204-954-9424
Fax: 204-954-9450
Toll Free: 1-800-782-0363


How do I submit an article for the newsletter?
Send the information to at least 6 weeks in advance of distribution.

Articles will be reviewed for content and subject to space availability

What do I need to know about West Nile virus?
"What you need to know about West Nile virus" brochures may be picked up at the Administration Office, or can be accessed at the Province of Manitoba website -, You may also call Health Links at 788-8200 or 1-888-315-9257

INFORMATION SIGN (located at 3021 Bird's Hill Road)
Can I display anything on the sign?
  • Any information announcing support services; safety, health, holidays, festivals, athletic events and information featuring the attractions and events in East St. Paul will be posted on a space available basis
  • Organizations may obtain a "LED Sign - Message Request" form at the Administration Office.
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