Communities in Bloom
Thank you to our staff, volunteers, and sponsors who made our first year a success!

East St. Paul received 4 Blooms this year.
Special Mention: Residential Landscaping and Gardening
East St. Paul also received the Canada 150 Special Edition Award with 5 maple leaves!
Communities in Bloom is a non-profit Canadian organization committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community involvement and the challenge of a national program, with focus enhancing green spaces in communities. The Manitoba Communities in Bloom program provides a comprehensive evaluation beneficial to community development. It encourages all sectors of the community to work together to develop best practices to achieve clean, green sustainable communities that celebrate their heritage and unique potential.
Manitoba Communities in Bloom Provincial Edition 
Since 1999 over 60 Manitoba communities have participated in both the National and Provincial Editions.
East St. Paul is registered in the Provincial Edition for 2017!

The Provincial Evaluation assesses the following six categories:
Tidiness Effort:
Maintenance of buildings and structures, removal of litter, weeds and graffiti 
Environmental Action:
Waste reduction, sewage disposal, recycling, composting, integrated pest management and water conservation
Heritage Conservation:
Efforts to preserve built heritage; natural and cultural heritage
Urban Forestry:
Existence of long and short term planning, by-laws and standards for planting suitable trees, appropriate care practices
Landscaped Areas:
Community efforts to make plants an element of surroundings; colour, texture, regional sustainability, native species and maintenance
Floral Displays:
General beautification with beds, containers and ornamental displays

East St. Paul Communities in Bloom is looking for LOCAL BUSINESS SPONSORS.
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East St. Paul Communities in Bloom is looking for your help in beautifying East St. Paul!
Click here to find out how you as an East St. Paul resident can contribute to your community's beauty

For more information on the Communities in Bloom program please contact:
Tyne Mills; Recreation Programmer
Phone: (204) 668-8336 Ext. 112

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